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D&I Company’s charter, community and consultancy services

Diversity & inclusion: logical, smart, fair

Diversity & inclusion (D&I) help organisations get the most out of their in-house talent and improve their performance. Our clients confirm this, and so do numerous studies (including by Catalyst and McKinsey). Inclusive organisations have a wider array of talent at their disposal, have a keener sense of what clients want, are more innovative and better able to take decisions, and give everyone an equal opportunity to shine.
It’s logical, it’s smart – and it’s fair!

D&I Company: Who we are

D&I Company is the outcome of a merger in 2016 between two prominent professional organisations in the area of diversity & inclusion: Talent to the Top and Opportunity in Bedrijf/Opportunity Advies.

D&I Company’s community, Charter and consultancy services will help you achieve genuine diversity & inclusion.
We show organisations, leaders and teams how to harness the power of diversity to build an inclusive, innovative organisation. ROI = Return On Inclusion!
We link theory and practice. We also participate actively in public and political debate about diversity & inclusion, helping to move the conversation forward.
Gender diversity is our basis, inclusion is our focus.

Charter, Community and consultancy: everything in one place

Several hundred organisations have already signed our Charter. That means that they’ve committed themselves to improving gender diversity in their organisation, with our support. It also makes them part of our D&I Community, a vanguard of companies that perform better on diversity & inclusion.
Our experienced consultants and trainers are there to help your organisation too. They offer a wide range of services, from advice and analysis to workshops, training and courses, and help with meetings.

Take a look: Our clients and community members

Charter & community: active vanguard

Organisations that join our D&I Community gain access to an active network for knowledge-sharing and a platform for showcasing their business. We organise top events and inspiring workshops where you can acquire practical information and tools. You will talk to leaders, trailblazers and researchers in the field of diversity & inclusion.

You will also have the opportunity to participate in effective cross-company mentoring programmes that focus on talent development and inclusive leadership.

Charter and monitoring

Many organisations join our community by signing the Charter.
The Charter consists of set of guidelines and a code setting out firm agreements about gender diversity in your organisation’s management and executive ranks. By adhering to the guidelines and code, you will be able to achieve effective and lasting results. You will be monitored on that score, with your organisation being assessed on six qualitative criteria. Your monitoring report will chart your organisation’s progress and benchmark its performance. We will also arrange a meeting to advise on how your organisation can continue to improve.

Organisations that sign the Charter see a vast improvement in gender diversity. That improvement also benefits their business performance and their image.

Consultancy services: insight and behaviour

Knowledge and insight are important, but when it comes to diversity & inclusion real change takes more. That’s why we employ the concept of “double-loop learning”, in which the focus is on awareness and behavioural development – the key success factors for effectuating change. D&I Consultancy specialises in organisational and management development at the interface between diversity & inclusion, leadership, talent development, and organisational culture.

Our experienced trainers/consultants link theory to everyday practice in your organisation.

Here are a few questions that clients ask us:

  • What’s the specific value of diversity & inclusion for our organisation? How can we improve the level of support for D&I?
  • How can we retain our talented female and bicultural potentials and make even better use of their ambitions?
  • How can mentoring and sponsorship help us in that regard?
  • How can we build and manage effective diverse teams?
  • How can we reduce unconscious bias and “mind bugs”?
  • What is inclusive leadership and how can we demonstrate it in our behaviour?
  • How can we make our employee appraisal cycle and HR tools diversity-proof and inclusive?

Our consultancy services and what our clients say about them

Training and workshops for management and executives
including training in Inclusive Leadership, a master class in boardroom dynamics, and a workshop on intercultural communication

Empowerment programmes for talented women
including our course From Talented to Top Woman

Investigation and advice
including the D&I Scan (analysing organisational culture) and retention analysis (“What Makes You Stay?”)

Coaching, mentoring/sponsorship and peer coaching
including cross-company mentoring and Boardroom Coaching

Professionalising HR/D&I management
including peer coaching and courses organised in cooperation with Radboud University Nijmegen